How OmniEdge works

  • Simple enough to use for both users and network administrators.
  • Based on the Zero-trust security model. Users can establish a strictly secure network through authentication services such as Okta, G Suite, etc.
  • Try using peer-to-peer communication instead of relaying nodes to increase the network speed and reduce risks of single-point failures.

Main Architecture

OmniEdge’s main architecture
  • Coordinate the traffic transferring between nodes.
  • Try to establish a direct peer-to-peer between nodes if possible; otherwise, relay traffic between nodes if there is any firewall.
  • Keep and manage virtual local information such as keys, network node public keys, etc.
  • Forward TCP and UDP traffic over the virtual network, either directly or indirectly.
  • Provide local DNS resolution for proxied requests.
  • Manage network node data, including device IDs, public keys, IP data, gateways, routing tables, and other information.
  • Verify nodes and return network data to nodes.
  • Coordinate changes to the virtual network such as joining and deleting nodes.
  • Maintain the life cycle of nodes.
  • Interact with the user authentication service and manages the ACL information of the nodes.
  • Communicate with nodes and configure and manage nodes.
  • Handle user registration and login procedure.

Blueprint to product




Bring intranet on the internet.

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Bring intranet on the internet.

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