Display and control macOS, Linux and Windows with Omniedge

  • Remote Control
  • Cross-platformm, PC to PC, Mobile to PC across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • File transfer
  • And More

1. Requirements

2 Install TightVNC for Windows

2.1: Install TightVNC。

2.2: Run and Setup TightVNC Server。

3. Installing OmniEdge Windows

  • Download and run the Windows installer
  • Click on "Log in…" from the Omniedge icon now in your system tray
  • Sign in with your email address
  • Click "Connect" in the menu bar from the tray icon. After a pop-up disappears, a secure VPN connection is initialized.

4. Remote Control a friend's Computer




Bring intranet on the internet.

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Bring intranet on the internet.

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