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Today, remote work, industrial Internet, banking, and other scenarios require a simple, secure, and high-speed private network. Our experienced engineers tried many existing solutions to meet these requirements, but none of them could fully meet our needs and those of our customers. So, we decide to make our solution, which is OmniEdge.

Why not traditional VPNs?

VPNs were great, but years ago.

Since legacy VPNs allow users to log in and access the entire internal network without fine-grained control, enterprises or organizations are more vulnerable to attacks and data breaches.

Why not WireGuard?

As a modern VPN solution, WireGuard is…

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The coronavirus pandemic is probable to profoundly change the way numerous firms work for the predictable future. As governments and industries around the world state, those with signs to self-quarantine and everybody else to run through social distancing, remote work is the new realism. It is rapidly becoming the worldwide new normal for enormous numbers of personnel. Years back, remote working was considered as a customer service position at under lowest salary, however with the trends varying, it is becoming a twenty-four-hour career. Technology is making people proficient in getting a similar job done where on earth…


Painless VPN built with p2p technology and Zero-Trust principles. A startup built totally on Twitter with a team from 9 cities across 4 countries.

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